Prayer Requests

Our Heavenly Father has brought us into His family through Jesus Christ, His Son.  He longs to be in relationship with us and has taken every step necessary to do so, solely out of His amazing love and grace.  Part of any relationship is the ability to speak with one another, share concerns, joys, thanksgivings, hopes and dreams.  Prayer is our ability to share these things with God our Father.  It is a means of His grace toward us.  He has promised to always hear our prayer, to answer our prayer according to His will, and has even given us His Holy Spirit to pray our on behalf when we can't seem to find the words.  We use prayer to even praise Him for the amazing gifts and blessings in our lives that we experience every day. 

Because of His promise to hear and answer our prayers, we can come to Him with every joy and concern on our hearts and minds.  We know He will hear us, answer us, and even transform us in His grace and truth.  We also get to do this with the whole body of Christ, all those who put their trust in Him. 

So, how can we pray for and with you?  What joys can we thank our Father for with you?