Creative Tools For Arranging Your Life For Spiritual Transformation

The links below will take you to free resources on the Visual Faith (TM) Ministry's website.  Go here to learn more.

Read Connie Denninger's blog about how to find life balance by clicking here.  There is more on the buffet than you can eat at one time.  Pick your favorites and enjoy.  That is what Visual Faith (TM) is all about.  Finding what works for you to grow your faith.  We are offering these simple projects for you to find which one will work for you.  The problem is getting started and that is what Belinda Bost and I are here to help you with.

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March & April 2023 - Faith Mail

     Prayer Cards

     Prayers for...

     Prayer Cube

May 2023- Faith Booking

     Journal making

     Bible Journaling

June 2023 - Open Studio to work on March - May projects

July 2023 - Open Studio to work on March - May projects

August 2023 - Thanksgiving paper bag journal, Back to School prayers

September 2023 - 52 weeks of Scripture Cards

October 2023 - The Luke 2 Christmas Story

November 2023 - Thanksgiving garland or counting gifts journal

December 2023 - Finish up August - November projects