Stewardship Board—About More than $


From the time of creation God has called us to be stewards of ALL that He has given us. The Stewardship Board will be setting before you the opportunity to explore your stewardship; 

Care of” what God has entrusted to you in the following ways during the year.

February  |  Stewardship of Your Body:  This month’s challenge is:

  • Exercise
  • Give blood
  • Schedule your annual physical
  • ALL of the above!

March and April |  Stewardship of the Earth:  Recycle, Reuse, Conserve.

May  |  Stewardship of our Neighbor:  Joining forces with the Missions and Ministry Board we hope to find ways to serve our neighbors in the community through ECCCM, The Corner Table, Singing in the Sr. Homes, build ramps for the elderly…

June and July  |  Stewardship of Investments: Explore ways you can earn interest on your money while it is used to build Christian Churches and Schools through Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF).

August and September  |  Stewardship of Time and Talents: Discover how God has gifted you, and put it into everyday practice.

October and November  |  Stewardship of Offerings.

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