"The Story" is coming to Concordia

(August 7, 2015 )

Beginning September 20th, as a congregation, our life of worship and Bible study will be focused on The Story. This is a 31-week, chronological walk through the Old and New Testament, combining Scripture passages and events of God’s people, in a way that puts the historical narrative all together.  Each week when we come together in worship, we will focus on a new chapter and period of time in the life of God’s people.  Our time in Bible study, whether large group or small group, will be focused on that week’s chapter.  The Story is a wonderful opportunity to read through the narrative of the Bible in a way you may have never done before, to gain a rich and deep understanding of how God has worked in the midst of His Creation and chosen people, and continues to do so even today! 

Important information regarding The Story
- Small groups will be walking through The Story together using a DVD presentation and participants guide.  Sign-ups will begin Sunday, August 30th before and after worship services.  You can sign-up for a group meeting at any point throughout the week!

- The Story materials can be purchased starting Sunday, August 23rd before and after worship services.  There will be a table in the transept of the main sanctuary and in the entrance to the Praise Service.  Please see the Materials Description page included in this month’s newsletter for information about the materials available for purchase. 

- With the purchase of The Story materials, you will also receive a bookmark that list out the chapter readings and Scripture readings for each Sunday.  The date listed is the date that chapter will be discussed.  For example: for Sunday, September 20th, have read Chapter 1.  The Scripture readings are listed for your personal devotional use.

- Weekly Personal/Family Devotions will continue to be sent home based on each week’s theme from The Story.