National Lutheran Schools Week

(March 5, 2013 )

Concordia is  joining with 2500 Lutheran schools across the country in celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week.  The theme this year is “Baptized for This Moment”.  We receive the Holy Spirit through baptism and the Holy Spirit gives us the power to do great things for God.  We have many activities planned where our students will be sharing their faith with people in the community this week. 

Our celebration begins with Kathy Unverfehrt receiving the National Distinguished Lutheran Early Childhood Teacher of the Year Award.  In this worship celebration our students will be singing and playing instruments to praise and honor God. 

Throughout the week students will be writing thank you notes to service men, fire fighters and the local police.  They will reach out with a note to Concordia members who are unable to get to church.  Grades K-4 will be performing a musical on Thursday night and we honor and celebrate our PS – Grade 2 grandparents on Friday.  The celebration concludes on March 17th with the Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students singing at the 10:45 am service. 

These activities are only a few of the many ways these students share the love of Jesus with others throughout the school year.  Mission projects, service events, prayers, and special offerings are all done by your students for others.  It is amazing how God has blessed the efforts of our students. 
Thank you to the members of Concordia Lutheran Church for their support of Christian education of children.  These students and their families are impacting people locally and around the world for Jesus Christ in many ways.  It is only possible because this church believes in this ministry and supports it.