Summer Wednesdays in the Chapel

(May 30, 2012 )

Summer Wednesdays in the Chapel
Midweek Summer Series

 Abraham!  Isaac . . .  Jacob?

Who really are these dudes?  And why would God put his plan into the hands of these "characters"?

Each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. starting June 6 we will gather in the Chapel for a time of teaching, prayer and song -- all in the brief space of about 37 minutes.  Pastor Nelson will lead this look into the lives of these Patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob - whose real lives are not quite as sanctified as they sound in the Sunday School stories.

Getting to know these dudes makes us wonder:  Why God chooses an unbelieving, polytheist?  How to figure out "faithfulness"?  What about surrogate motherhood, sibling rivalry, treachery, deceit, tension, scheming?  How does God untangle the sorry situation of human cleverness?  Why are these stories taking up so much space in Genesis?  And, what can moderns (or post-moderns) learn from these ancient stories?

Come Wednesday nights at 6:30 to see for yourself the "real" story of the "pious" patriarchs.
June 6:  Abram.  The Promise; The Problem
June 13: Abraham.  The Call; The Challenge
June 20: Abraham.  The Tension; The Trust
June 27: Isaac.  Laughter?  Longing?
July 11:  Jacob.  Brothers will be brothers!
July 18:  Worship service on the lawn, led by Pastor Schudde
July 25:  Jacob.  Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit . . .
Aug. 1:   Jacob.  Confrontation; Conclusion
Aug. 8:   Jacob.  Denouement and Death