Board of Assimilation

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be concerned through our words and adctions to greet, welcome and assist all people attending worship services, that as one body we lovingly proclaim Christ's love and salvation as we serve our Church and community.

Purpose Statement
In Christ we exist as one body to lovingly help each othr mature spiritually through worship, study and fellowship, and to encourage and equip each othr to proclaim Christ's love and salvation as we serve our Church, community, and the world.

The Board of Assimilation has a great opportunity for ministry in welcoming guests and vistors into our Church family and to provide an intentional process for new members to serve an active role in the Church.

The main purposes of Assimilation are...
Provide opportunities for worshippers to grow in their faith through Biblical knowledge spiritual maturity, life applications, and Christian Stewardship.
• Worship
Provide opportunities for new members to participate in meaningful worship.
• Fellowship
Help new members to feel a part of the Church family through relationships within the congregation.
• Service
Provide opportunities for Christian Service at all levels.

Other responsibilities of the Board of Assimilation include
    • Welcome Reception for all new members
    • Obtain groups to host the Lenten meals during Lent
    • Reminders to Boards or groups serving refreshments for fellowship hour on Sunday morning
    • Card ministry to shut-ins and nursing home members
    • Card ministry to visitors
    • Greeter Program
    • Welcome Center
    • Press Releases for newspapers and media

Five Questions of Newcomers    (No one ever joins a church to become inactive!)
1. Acceptance - Do I fit here?
2. Friendship - Does anyone want to know me?
3. Value - Am I needed?
4. Benefit - What is the advantage of joining this Church?
5. Expectations - What is required of Church members?