Board of Elders

Purpose & Mission
The Board of Elders is responsible for the general and specific spiritual welfare of the congregation as a whole and of the individual members.

Membership & Term of Office
The Board of Elders consists of one elder for each 15-20 members of the congregation. The family groups within the congregation are divided up into parish zones. Elders are selected by the voting membership of the congregation for a term of three years. The terms are staggered to maintain a consistent majority of experience on the Board. Members may currently serve two consecutive terms.

The Board elects from its members a Chairman of the Board, a Vice Chairman and a Secretary. The Chairman is responsible for presiding over meetings of the Board and also sits on the Church Council. The Secretary keeps minutes of each Elder's meeting.

The Board of Elders administers the committees which are recommended in the Manual for Parish Officers, Boards and Committees. These Committees are the (1) Worship Committee, (2) Soul Keeping Committee, (3) Welfare Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Board of Elders are responsible for...

1. All matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the congregation.
2. Individually and collectively, by word and action, encouraging the Pastors and other called church workers.
3. Regular prayer for the Pastors and other called church workers.
4. Standing ready at all times to help the Pastors and Pastoral staff in difficult problems of their ministries and congregational problems.
5. Concern about the spiritual, emotional, and physical health and welfare of the Pastor, other called church workers and their families, including proper rest, vacation, and assistance in times of sickness, housing, etc.

Care Zones
Elders and concerned with the spiritual life of congregation members, especially in each of their "Care Zones" through regular contact and visitation. 

Congregational Membership
Elders keep themselves informed of member activity including attendance at public worship, use of Sacraments, baptism of children, visitation of shut-ins, nature and spiritual education of youth, and celebration of special events in member's lives.