Concordia Welcomes Children

You are invited to bring your children to worship services where we provide a special "Children's Talk" time each Sunday. A staffed nursery is available on both the church and school side of our campus during worship services. Please ask an usher for directions if you are new and wish to make use of this service.

Nursery Guidelines
Concordia Lutheran Church will provide nursery care workers for protecting the safety of children while their parents worship and participate in other activities on a Sunday morning. Nursery care workers will be provided from 9:00am until 12:00pm each Sunday. During the Sunday school hour and 9:00 worship, the nursery is provided in the church nursery near the church offices. During the 9:30 worship, the nursery is provided in the Pre-school-3 year old classroom in the school. The nursery is provided for children who are 6 weeks to 3 years in age. Children will receive a safe and nurturing environment while in the nursery. Paid staff and volunteers are responsible for the children entrusted in their care.

Supervision: Adequate supervision is necessary. There will be a minimum of two nursery attendants on duty at all times, with a ratio of at least one nursery worker to every four children.  The door to the nursery will remain open when children are present with a child’s safety gate in the doorway. All parents will be required to fill out a nursery registration form for each child being dropped off. Children may only be released to parents or guardians. Proper identification from a parent or guardian will need to be shown to nursery care workers.  Nursery care workers will remain in the nursery until all children have been picked up.

Requirements for Nursery Care Workers: All nursery care workers must be at least age 16 and submit an application/ registration form. Paid nursery care workers will be asked to submit to a background check and be certified in CPR and First Aid. Workers will receive a nursery orientation and training from the Volunteer Nursery Coordinator and/or the Children’s Minister. 

Parent Contact: Parents will be contacted if they are needed either by text message or phone call to their cell phone. Parents are required to leave their cell phone number with nursery care workers.

Cry Policy: Nursery care workers will contact parents if a child is not comfortable in his/her environment after 10 minutes.  Parents can specify a shorter amount of time.

Discipline Guidelines: Children will be removed from situations when they are hurting others or may hurt themselves. Re-directing will be used and time-out, as a last resort. Time-outs, if used, will be age appropriate. Parents will be paged if behavior concerns cannot be handled and are causing problems with other children.

Health Guidelines: The following criteria, suggested by the Health Department, will be used to determine when children will not be taken into nursery care. Any nursery care worker that feels a child is sick and/or should not be exposing others in the nursery will page parents immediately or will turn away a child.
ANY of the following symptoms:
• Fever of 100 degrees or more
• Diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting
• Undiagnosed rashes or boils
• On-going cough
• Signs of common childhood illness  such German measles, chicken pox, mumps or influenza
• Running eyes/ runny nose with colored discharge
• Pink and other eye infections
• Head lice (child should be free of all nits)

Potty Policy: Parents are encouraged to take their child to the bathroom before entering nursery care. Parents will signify on a registration form if they are comfortable with nursery care workers assisting their child in the bathroom.  If approved, nursery care workers will use the Church Nursery- main women’s bathroom next to the water fountain with the door propped open while assisting a child in the bathroom OR School Nursery- the bathroom located inside the P3 classroom. Nursery care workers will use proper diapering procedures and two workers will be present when a child is being diapered.

Download a copy of Our Nursery Registration Form and return to the church office.