Music Endowment Fund

Giving a Gift that Never Stops Giving

Mission Statement
Our mission is to glorify God as we Edify, Equip and Enlarge the Kingdom of Believers in Christ.

From several singers and an organ to a current program with multiple choirs, handbell ensembles, and instrumental groups, the Lord has richly blessed Concordia with strong musical heritage.

The purpose of the music program at Concordia is to help nurture a congregation community that is:
• Creative and Challenging
• For all ages
• Active in the worship and praise of God
• Educational
• Transforming
• Caring of others
• A response to God's grace

In order to continue this nurturing and growing response to God's grace your support is necessary.

The fund could be used in many ways to benefit the ministry of music:
• Scholarships to students for music
• Additional musicians for worship
• Music festivals
• Outreach to community through professional recordings, concerts and tours
• Commission musical works for special occasions
• Musical equipment and maintenance

The guidelines of the Fund specify that the Fund managers of the Concordia Lutheran Church Music Endowment Fund cannot spend the principal, only the interest. Therefore, your gift will always remain in the fund and continue giving support to Concordia's music program indefinitely.

Gifts may be:
• Cash
• Securities
• Life Insurance
• Life Income Plans
• Other Capital Assets (real estate, etc.)

You can give the gift as:
• Outright Gift
• Planned Giving (Spreading out your gift over 3-5 years.)
• Bequests and Memorial Gifts (Gifts willed or given in memory of a loved one.)

Whom do I contact?
Speak to a Planned Giving Counselor about the best way for you to give. It may be possible for you to give a gift, save on taxes and still leave the same amount for your heirs. Don't miss out on this opportunity simply because you didn't take time to ask. Feel free to call the church office for information on available Planned Giving Counselors at (828) 464-3324.