Church Endowment Fund

Giving a Gift that Never Stops Giving

Mission Statement

 Our mission is to glorify God as we Edify, Equip and Enlarge the Kingdom of Believers in Christ. 

Now over 1,000 baptized members, Concordia leads into the 21st Century, offering two Sunday Morning worship services, adult Bible studies, Sunday School, weekly men's and women's Bible studies, auxiliary organizations such as Dorcas, Ladies Aid and Lutheran Laymen's League, music choir, brass and handbells-ministries, and youth programs.

Realizing the need in the future for a stable and growing financial base, the congregation established the Concordia Church Endowment Fund.

The congregation established the Church Endowment Fund to create and maintain and assist the ministry of the church at large and cannot be used for budgetary expenditures.


The guidelines of the Church Fund specify that the Fund managers cannot spend the principal, only the interest. Therefore, your gift will always remain in the fund and continue giving support to the church indefinitely.

What does it mean?
A $2,000,000 Endowment Fund has the potential of generating approximately $200,000 each year!

Gifts may be:
• Cash
• Securities
• Life Insurance
• Life Income Plans
• Other Capital Assets (real estate, etc.)

You can give the gift as:
• Outright Gift
• Planned Giving (Spreading out your gift over 3-5 years.)
• Bequests and Memorial Gifts (Gifts willed or given in memory of a loved one.)

Whom do I contact?
Speak to a Planned Giving Counselor about the best way for you to give. It may be possible for you to give a gift, save on taxes and still leave the same amount for your heirs. Don't miss out on this opportunity simply because you didn't take time to ask. Feel free to call the church office for information on available Planned Giving Counselors in confidence at (828) 464-3324.