Stewardship Purpose
The Stewardship Board responsibilities are similar to the Boards of Elders and Mission and Ministry, in that the Board of Stewardship is responsible for identifying the growth and use of the Holy Spirit's gifts of time, talents, and treasures both of the congregation as a whole and individuals of Concordia.

Stewardship Responsibility
The primary responsibility of the Stewardship Board is Spiritual Growth. As stewards of "managers" in the congregation, the Board of Stewardship is responsible for equipping our members with the Word of God and offering opportunities for commitment to the will and way of God. The Means of Grace, The Word of God, The Lord's Supper, and Baptism are all vehicles through which the Holy Spirit accomplishes growth and giving.

Membership and Terms of Office
The Stewardship Board is composed of 10 members who serve two year staggered terms, and is headed by a Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Treasurer of the congregation also sits on this board. The Board is organized into committees of Spiritual Growth and Finance. Also with these committees are subcommittees:

    • Audit
    • Time and Talents

Two members of the board are selected to sit on each Memorial and Salary Review Committees. One of the Board's most important functions is to set the annual church and school budgets after receiving input from the other church boards. We also establish and carry out the yearly fall congregation fund drive and are involved with monitoring the pace of giving by our members. The Board is concerned with developing programs which educate and increase the spiritual growth of the congregation and utilize the talents and treasures of the congregation to the fullest extent. The Stewardship Board meets each month at 7:00 pm on the Thursday prior to the Church Council Meeting.

 Stewardship Board's Challenge for the Year